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When I stick a lens in front of my eyeball, my heart takes over. (As you will see, I could benefit from an injection of technical know-how.) My heart is huge and raw and informed - but doesn't quite know know how to translate what it sees into a rational message. My photos, I am afraid, are the same.

My fat pug, sleeping with legs in air.
Winston in deep slumber after Pug O’Ween.
Hoyman Browe broken heart soap dish.
Best party guest ever *drops muc*
Somebunny is starting to feel better.
Duke lopes (at Nampa Dog Park)
OG pug at the DP. (at Nampa Dog Park)


In my article about the Amy Bishop case in this week’s issue of the magazine, I describe visiting Sam and Judy Bishop at their house in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and sitting with Judy while she flipped through photo albums that document, poignantly, life before the two calamities that shaped the family: the death of their son, Seth Bishop, at the age of eighteen, in 1986, when his sister Amy shot him (in what the family still maintains was an accident), and the 2010 rampage in which Amy shot six of her colleagues at the University of Alabama, in Huntsville. These pictures, which the Bishops shared with me, capture the family in happier times: during Seth’s short life and during the early years of Amy’s marriage, before the move to Huntsville. “We are damaged people,” Judy Bishop told me. “We’ll never be the same.”

Click-through for a slideshow of photos from the Bishop family album, and more from Patrick Radden Keefe on the tragic past of mass shooter Amy Bishop: http://nyr.kr/14HTlfj

Skinny scarf with keyhole.
Two skeins of gorgeous Peruvian, white wool. What to do, what to do? (at Heidi’s Room Of Her Own)
Alpacan throw I knitted four years ago in Petaluma. I hope I have it forever. (at Heidi’s Room Of Her Own)